Since 2001, several individuals and personalities have used my services and continue to trust me, like Ms. Rawya Mansour from Cairo that I currently coach (Architect designer known worldwide for its outstanding achievements).

The Red Pear Theatre

Miss Tina Anglio

Tina has been for four years my fitness teacher as well as actors who play in our theater, The Red Pear Theater Antibes.

She is also a coach very dynamic motivated. Tina is demonstrating great originality and mind and put her signature and his joy of living in all courses.

She knows how to combine the physical and psychological aspect of sport, and adapt their skills to each client. Her professionalism is always aware of new techniques and trends in the world of sport. Her tenacity and quickness, combined with her natural talent, are major assets for the creation of her own personality entreprise.She attracts not only French but also english and international communities.

We look forward to hearing her voice on the airwaves to announce her inauguraution center fitness. This advertisement may be on Riviera Radio.

Yours sincerely

Red Pear Theatre Company

May 18 2006

Paul Arene's School

6 street Paul Arene
06600 Antibes

Antibes, the 20 of may 2006

Subject: Declave

I Nathalie Turner , the undersigned declave, that Ms Tina ANGLIO assisted in the preparation for the end of year concert in capacity as choregrapher and dance teacher to my students.

Her expertise, professionalism and education among children were a valuable asset to the choreography of the show.

Yours sincerely.



Antibes The 20/03/04

Attention: Mr. Top Fit,

I undersigned Mr. Lawrence COMPAN, Director Decathlon Antibes certifies that Miss Tina Anglio and Miss Elodie Bourgeois and Miss Sophie Fauveau we have presented today Saturday 20 March 2004 a huge success and with great professionalism demonstrated by Step Fitness and Hip Hop. Our customers and ourselves have been delighted with the quality of their services to their tone of presence that emanated from the group. Many customers have wondered where they taught.

Yours sincerely.

Dr. Sandrine COUNIL HERBELLEAU | Chirurgien dentist

14, boulevard Chancel
" LE Paris"
06 600 ANTIBES

Antibes January 05, 2006

Dynamism, motivation, skills, ambition, desire Standing perfection and well being are much criteria necessary to create a company whose has blithely Anglio Miss Tina. I undersigned Dr. Sandrine Counil can only encourage her in her efforts, she has the perfect profile manager.

Yours sincerely.

PICON Electricity

Mlle ANGLIO Tina

Le St Jean
48 Chemin de Autrichiens
06600 Antibes


I, Robert Picon manager Sarl Picon Electricity attests employing Anglio Miss Tina, as a manager at the center coordinator Fitness Topfit, which I was manager. Her many professional skills, her dynamic public relation capacity along with leadership stills make her an obvious choice to manage a fitness club such as TOP FIT. I wish her every success in the future with current and future projects.

in Antibes January 03, 2006.
Yours sincerely.

Robert Picon