Professionnal experience

2013 Manager Company SARL Sporty Energy Shop in Antibes. A unique concept store of Sports Nutrition and Dietetics, sportswear, dietary advice, preparation of training programs, manual palpate and roll, private coaching personal monitoring.

2006-2009 Freelance sport coach

2003-2005 Framework Manager and Sportsmanship Personnal Training at Top Fit in Antibes

2002-2005 Summer seasons 2002 Physiognomist, PR in the Siesta (06600).

2002 Fitness teacher in short term work at Top Fit in ANTIBES.

2001 Fitness teacher in short term work at Proform in ANTIBES .
Fitness teacher and choreographer in the association The Gazelle VALLAURIS.
Fitness teacher in short term work in Squash Fitness Center of ANTIBES.

1999 Educator in Sports ODYSSEY in Villeurbanne.

1998 Fitness teacher and Chair of the Association AJT Saint-Priest

1996-1999 Fitness teacher intern and Strength Training in different clubs in Lyon

1994-1996 Dietary Course (pre and post operative) at Polyclinic surgical service in Lyon.

1995 Summer Season / Show Coordinator in nightclub Ibiza (Spain).

1990-1993 Agent de service stagiaire à la Polyclinique


2009 Business education, mentoring and animation sports.

2009 High Service fire safety and assistance to people. S.S.I.A.P1

2008 CQP - Certificate of Qualification Agent Prevention and safety

2008 SST - first aid certificate.

2006 Training "Nail-Tech Academy" in Antibes

2003 Training "Polar Spinning" (cycling cardio) Elizabeth Hoffmann Antibes.
GFM Training (Fitness Management Group) Planet Fitness, Lyon.

2000 Patent educator Sports 1st degree Trades form (Creps Rhone Alpes), Voiron.
Diploma (F.P.F) Professional Fitness Training (Eva Winskill), Lyon
Training Cardio Box (Stephan Galtier), Villeurbanne.

1998 Certificate of Training Activities 1st Relief Team, Lyon.

1997 First Aid with equipment in Lyon.

1996 Training Body Training System (Planet Body Fitness), Paris.
Reebok University Degree private 1st and 2nd degree (FISAF), La Plagne.
Certificate Course dietician pre and post-operative (Polyclinic of Lyon).

1996 Training Council in pre- and postoperative nutrition.

1994 Certificate in the nurse's aide training.

1993 Hospital Services Professional Certificate Agent.


2002 Staging a show (show and choreography) at the "Theatre de la mer" "Golfe juan" for the "Gazelle Association".

2001 4th championship Universe Body Fitness heavy weights, AFFFBB NABBA, Macon.

2001 5th World Championship of Body Fitness heavy weights, AFFFBB NABBA, Alicante.

2001 1st Final of the Championship of France Body Fitness heavy weights, AFFFBB NABBA, Woutsviller.

2001 1st Final of the Championship of France Body Fitness heavy weights, AFFFBB NABBA, Toulouse

1999 Miss Body Fitness, 2th in Roanne

1999 Miss Body-Fitness, 2th in Lyon Federation Afffbb

1998 License Amateur Kick-Boxing (CNKB), Lyon.

1997 Trophy Choreography and staging Jack Holt, Lyon.

1996 World Record for Step Reebok counterpart at 3250m altitude in La Plagne.

1996 Certificate Reiki 1st and 2nd degree natural and spiritual therapy.