Your personal private trainer.
At home, at the office, at the gym, at your hotel, on your yacht, sport hall or simply out side.



University diploma in sports training
Looking for a professional certified coach CQP and S.S.I.A.P.1

You just want to get fit in a convivial atmosphere.

Tina offers : cardio training, body building, relaxation,physical preparation, tailored to your specific needs and programs for elite athletes.

Are you a fitness coach or master coach ?
I will enable you to improve you methodology and pedagogy with your customers


- Energizing
- Sculpting
- Redraw
- Muscle ... your figure

Weight Loss

- Slimming
- Advice on nutrition and balance diet
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- Relaxation
- Reiki 1st and 2nd degree
- Massage with oils, honey
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Gift Idea

One or more coaching sessions
to provide a relative or friend (s).
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for more informations.
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